People who find it challenging to travel independently without assistance can avail transportation services in Melbourne. Sanity N Care offers professional assistance in Travel and Transport to help participants travel safely and independently.

We are one of the most trusted transportation and mobility assist providers in town always dedicated to delivering professional Travel and Transport services to both individual NDIS participant and groups. Our team holds years of experience in managing all the prospective requirements of people with disability while travelling. That’s why we ensure a hassle-free journey with complete peace of mind.

Why Choose A Travel Assist?

People with disability may find it difficult and overwhelming to travel by public transports, especially on daily basis. An NDIS travel assist from a reputed provider such as Sanity N Care help participants complete their day-to-day travel activities and meet their requirements for living a sustainable life.

How Our Travel Assist Helps The Participants

Sanity N Care can professionally help you by:

  • providing travel and transport to and from all your destination.
  • driving you from your house to your workplace and back home.
  • driving you to your community participant and other adventure which you may have planned.
  • taking care of you and all your particular requirements for your travel.
  • Shopping.
travel assistant-min

At Sanity N Care, we are committed to mitigate all your detailed requirements and making your travel and transport journey as enjoyable as possible. If you’re finding it tough to using the public transport because of disability, then it is time to schedule a travel assistance with us. Our expert team will guide you in every step of the way.

Book our Assist Travel & Transport for NDIS participants today and make the most out of it. Call us on 0492 000 123 or reach us via sending a mail at with your query.