At Sanity N Care, our Developmental life skill activities focuses on training and recreational activities undertaken by the NDIS participant or their carer to increase their strength and ability to live as independently as possible. This training includes professional supports to enhance the basic abilities of the participant such as travelling, using public transport independently, practicing and maintaining personal hygiene on regular basis and many more.

All our life skill activities are adaptive, effective and designed professionally to deal with the demands and challenges of life for the people with disability.

Why Choose Sanity N Care?

As one of the veteran NDIS service providers in Melbourne, Sanity N Care will talk to you about your health goals. Based upon your requirement, we will then engage you with the most personalised Daily Living and Life Skills activities. We solely understand your goals and will be working with you and your family or your care-giver to put in place supports to develop everyday skills with special focus on building confidence and sense of independence. Moreover, we can also help you if you have a particular skill that you wish to learn through our activities.

NDIS Life Skill Development Activities & Program Includes:

Here are some of the featured Life skill development activities that we incline on (not limited to):

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Healthy eating
  • Shopping and marketing
  • Job skill development (preparing resume, Job support)
Development Life Skill-min

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Our responsible and cordial support staff will work with you in every step of the way to reach your goal. We will also work on to improve your skills for communication and independent living. We provide services to assist you and your families or carers to navigate all the problems faced in your daily life, as well as to implement strategies that will increase your potential to manage these problems.